Friday, November 12, 2010

Violins, a hedgehog and a crazy cat

Both Nathan and Seth play violin and so it was nice for the
girls to listen to Seth play and play along with him too.
Playing catch on a climbing frame?
Finally a photo were I can see each of them clearly. To
see everyone's faces was never going to happen.

Hannah cutting some garlic with Michelle.

Hannah and Seth.
Ruth and Nathan. The boys had no choice but to sit next
to their "little sisters".
Ruth enjoyed showing Jason a few photo albums
and telling him about the family in SA.
I got a very excited call to come outside. They had been sent
to the back yard to play as the younger girls were in bed.
There they spotted the friendliest little hedgehog.
He did not even hide away when they stroked him.

Such a treat to get to see it's sweet little face.

Getting a close up picture.
And while they were busy Tiger played frizby with Jason.
He would chase after the frizby but then not know what to
do with it when it landed. Crazy cat. Lots of fun though.

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