Saturday, November 27, 2010

Very full day

We had both cars booked in for their WOF this morning. It's much easier to organize on a weekend when we have two drivers. So while the cars were being done (one at a time) we visited with Brian and Julia. We had such a lovely morning with them. The girls so enjoyed collecting all the duck eggs under the trees. Julia made muffins and got Rachel making some dough for home made crackers. She also gave us some material to get a sewing project started for Ruth and Rachel. It was great for Brendon to get to help Brian around the garden too.
Flowers from Julia's beautiful garden.
Just before lunch Rachel, Ruth and I had to leave to get them to a Ballet Concert practice. We stopped for pies on the way and the girls had a really god practice. It was fun for them to watch all the other dances too and for them to get their first practice on the finale (it's the first time all the dancers are together as she teaches at two venues). They will have a dress rehearsal next week and so I will definitely take some photos then.
Enjoying the shelter of a cloud. As soon as it moved on it
was so hot they only lasted a minute and then stopped.
While we were at Ballet Brendon called to say we had been invited for Dinner at the Sternes for their home fellowship's year end dinner. Brendon attends the home fellowship with Steve once a month and so it was nice to get to spend some time with the people as a family. On Sunday's (when we get into town once or twice a month) there are so many people at church you don't get to chat the same as as in someones home. It was a lovely afternoon / evening.
Oranges helped cool everyone down.
Hannah is so funny - she eats the skin.

What fun.

The meat was prepared by a very experience chief and
it was wonderful. Brendon enjoyed helping him cook it all.

This evening we watched Luther. A friend had suggested it and I was thrilled to find our DVD rental company actually had it. We will let Rachel watch it this week before we send it back. She has read about Martin Luther and I think she will enjoy it just as much as we did.

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