Monday, November 8, 2010

Different schools

Today I took Ruth and Hannah to a Correspondence School get-together at a play centre and so needed to organize something for Rachel to do for the day. Rachel has always wondered what it's like for the children at school and so thought it would be a good day for her to visit. She was so very excited about it but a little nervous when she arrived.
Thankfully one of her friends from Ballet spotted her as soon as she came through the gate - so that helped settle the nerves. She knew the teacher (through Brownies) and at least 7 of the girls in the class (through Ballet and Youth Group) so it helped her to not be overwhelmed by many new people.
I was not sure how long it would take us to get to the play centre and so we arrived early (I gave an hour and it was only around 45 min). So the girls got to help make the play dough. You can have a look at more photos here.
Here are a few with Hannah though. She loved this "yellow ladder" and as soon as she saw another boy jumping off the platform she was ready to give it a go.
She started by holding both my hands. Next it was only one hand and then she was happy to jump on her own. Quite a jump for such a little person. Ruth also managed to get a few jumps in but was a little more cautious.

My little ballerinas.
There were loads of different things to do and the girls really enjoyed it.
We got back in time to meet Rachel at the classroom when school finished at 3:15. A very long day for her. She had a good visit. She was very tired though.
As we walked to the car I asked her if something was wrong. She assured me that she was fine and had had a good day. She was just exhausted.  I did not even suggest she try get some music practice in this afternoon. When she told us about what she did through the day it was not all that much. So although she enjoyed it and said it would be fun to go for a while, she would still prefer to have school at home. I think it made her appreciate all that she gets to do at home (even the Math).

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