Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thank you Brendon

Brendon decided to take today off so that he could help me and also get me to the doctors this morning to get my foot checked. I had so much pain last night. Eventually I phoned the health line (around 11:30pm) to get their advice on what I could do. The dear nurse was so concerned that the pain killers were not helping that she advised I see a doctor within the next 4 hours. She was quite adamant (having no idea what a trip to town would involve). So I phoned the doctor that was on call in our area. He suggested I take more pain killers and possibly get to the doctor if it was not any better in the morning. He was happy that because the redness was getting less (and not more) and I had no fever, the chance of an infection was very small.
The doctor I saw said she felt the pain was from the inflammation and so recommended I put Voltarin gel on the foot (along with the anti-inflammatory tablets that I was taking). I do hope it helps.
I was very thankful for Brendon's help this afternoon with taking the girls to Ballet as it allowed me to keep off my foot.

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