Friday, October 8, 2010

Mist and little Miss

By 7am the sun is already up but because of the thick mist today it was absolutely beautiful to watch the sun rising into the air. Normally all the beautiful colours are there before the sun is visible. So it was a very pretty change.
Hannah struggled to get to sleep last night (which is not normally the case) and so ended up keeping Ruth up a bit later too. So instead of being up by around 9am, Ruth only woke at around 10am. So I tried to keep Hannah quietly busy so that Ruth could get her much needed sleep. The marble chaser sure is a favorite with Hannah. It amazes me to see how long she can sit and play with it.
I have really been praying about what to do for poor Ruth and her extra need for sleep and finally decided today that Ruth just must have an afternoon nap again. So even though she was not tired this afternoon, we started the new routine. Hannah has time in her room after lunch (this is often how I find her - not as easy to see but she again has pretty summer pajamas over her clothes). While Ruth gets to sleep on Rachel's bed - the top bunk. This makes it exciting for Ruth and so even though she did not sleep today, she enjoyed the opportunity of being on the top bunk. My plan is to wake Ruth in the mornings at a normal hour (say 7:30 or perhaps 8) and then let her have an afternoon nap.
It was nice to get back to squash this afternoon too. It's been a really busy week for me with a GirlGuiding meeting in town on Tuesday (my normal monthly one) as well as Wednesday (as part of my training).

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