Sunday, October 24, 2010

Church Camp - Day 3

We have started a tradition of taking a photo of us girls each year.

After lunch we enjoyed another walk down to the river. We were bitten by sand flies yesterday, so remembered today to put some insect repellent on. Unfortunately by the time we got back it was evident that the bite I got yesterday on the top of my foot was not from a sand fly. It had been fine last night but when I woke this morning I bumped my foot and instantly had incredible itching. I started on antihistamines this morning but after our walk my foot was really swollen. After a chat with the pharmacies who was on camp with us (just to check that the antihistamines were good ones) he suggested I keep the foot up. I also started using ice packs to try and get the swelling down.

The lovely forest we walk through.

Our farm girl. Through and through.

I stayed out of the icy water today. 

Brendon was eventually pulled into one of the afternoon games.

Hours and hours of playing together.
We have had good messages every day and it has been a great help having the portable DVD player with. I brought earphones with and so Hannah (and Ruth when she wanted to) could watch a movie quietly and Brendon and I could still focus on the speaker.

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