Friday, October 15, 2010

2 years

This video is a part of the October 15th remembrance day.
Can't believe it's been two years since I had to say goodbye to my precious little one.
But so special that every year I can remember with other mothers who have lost their babies too.
This song was done by Gerrit Hofsink, who grew up in Europe and spent years in South Africa before settling in Canada, has always had a love for music. When his daughter and son-in law lost their first child (and his first grandchild) after a nine months pregnancy, it was music that helped him heal. He wrote "Still" as much for himself as for his family, as a ray of hope in a dark time.

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Mary said...

wow - in tears. thanks for sharing, Belinda. it helps me to remember that there are so many out there that share the same pain.