Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ice Skating Fun

The snow on the mountains around our house this morning. Photos just don't seem to capture the magnificence of it - so here is a video from our front lawn. It's just so beautiful.
Brendon had an appointment in town at 9:30 so we left home before 8 and were really surprised at how much snow was about.
It was magnificent to see all the mountains covered (even though just lightly). Even Weka Pass was white.
Once Brendon was finished we headed over to Alpine Ice for some Ice Skating. It was lovely that they have tiny skates for the younger girls too. I was impressed that the girls were able to walk in them with no problems.

Ruth balancing herself with the wall and getting the hang of keeping her feet together and straight.
It was quite something to get Rachel to hold my hand and let go of the wall.

Rachel eventually let me push her with her NOT holding onto the side. She practiced going in and out with her feet to get herself moving on her own.

Ruth soon had such good balance that she no longer needed the wall. Well done Ruth. Your balance is very good.

The next step for Rachel was to learn to push her foot out to get movement. I started by pushing her around (at one point it felt like we were dancing as we pushed out at the same time) and then I managed to let her go. It was wonderful to see her giving it a try. She improved so quickly. Well done Rachel. She did just start getting it right with her other foot. So if we get to go again I am sure she would soon learn to push with alternating feet.

We started off taking Hannah around one at a time, with her between our legs. But that is very tiring on the back. So eventually we took her around together like this. Most of the time she managed to keep her feet together and straight. There were a few times her foot did slide over though but thankfully we managed to stay up.
Brendon and I even got to skate together (on our own) which was nice.
We had a lovely time and I am sure the girls would love to go again.

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