Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unfolding of spirng

A friend of mine is a really good photographer and recently she has been having some fun with macro lenses. It inspired me to see what my little camera can do. I had noticed that it had a "macro" (like my previous camera) as well as a "super macro" setting. So I had some fun with some close up shots of spring.

Beautiful little flowers that grow outside my bedroom window.

Some blossoms that I have been watching unfold outside the dinning room window.

The blossoms that Ruth first spotted a week or two ago.

And the leaves of the same plant (now finally starting to show themselves). I just love how they unfold.

A popular little weed around our garden. But with such beautiful tiny flowers. They must be less than 10mm in diameter.
Just amazing to see how differently God has made the flowers.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Wow, your camera really gets in there! I love seeing the tiny details that God has included in His creation. Macro photography seems to open up new parts of the world!