Sunday, September 26, 2010

Science Alive fun

While I had another acupuncture session for my back this afternoon Brendon took the girls to Science Alive. They are having a week of cheap entrance fee after the earthquake - so it was a good opportunity. Yesterday Ruth was watching her Bible songs and on one song the children are climbing on a climbing wall and she told us how she would like to do that. That got me thinking about Science Alive's climbing wall and so we made plans. She was thrilled.
Put put in the dark. So much fun.

So dark Dad did not even notice she had it the wrong way round.
Rachel gets right to the top but
takes her time coming down. She
does not like abseiling down.
Ruth was so glad that she was tall
enough (over 1m). She did not get
as high but loved abseiling down.

They even had a craft table.
Rachel was disappointed that she forgot hers there.

Ruth was incredible brave and went on this huge slide. You free fall quite a way as it is so steep. She was so quick that she was down before Brendon could get the photo. Unfortunately she bumped her head when she started sliding so did not want to do it again for me to take a video. She says she will do it again the next time we go (and keep her head back from the top).
Rachel went up again hoping to go but just could not get herself to do it. I don't know what they did with Ruth but with bigger people you sit on a ledge and put your hands out in front on you. Rachel could just not reach the place for her hands. So perhaps when she is just a little taller. Brendon and I did it the last time we were here and I can tell you it is incredibly scary and I don't blame Rachel for not going. I am just amazed at Ruth.
When I arrived the girls were excited to take me into the
earthquake house. Just make sure you hold on.
These whisper dishes were amazing.
There are two dishes like this
opposite each other - way across the
room. You whisper into the little hole
in the middle and the other person
can hear you loud and clear.
One thing there is no photo of is the talk that was on about Liquid Nitrogen. Brendon and Rachel had lovely stories to tell me about all the things that the lady did with it.
It's always a fun time at Science Alive - so the girls were thrilled to have another visit.

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