Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post, pan and polished off

Yesterday we all rode down to fetch the post (with Hannah in the child seat on my bike) so it gave me the confidence that Rachel and Ruth could go on their own (and it's much quicker than walking). Ruth was so very pleased to go with her.
While they were out Hannah did a bit of her regular cleaning. She loves fetching the dust pan and cleaning up around the fire place. She is very good about staying off the tiles (so if very safe) but just does not like it when there is any mess there. She will then empty the pan and pack it away - all on her own (and don't even try to help her - she just loves the independence of it).
I was so pleased to have a day of energy and motivation. Thank you Lord for answering prayers. I baked two lots of muffins, got a week's worth of afternoon sandwiches in the freezer for Brendon, and even thought of something different for us to have for dinner - nachos (as we had all our avocados getting ripe at the same time). We always have this at church camp and Brendon and I always enjoy it. The girls so enjoyed it tonight and it was all polished off so quickly. Rachel said it was the first time she had had it. That confused us. We asked what she ate at camp every year for that meal. She said she would always have the food in separate little piles. But today she decided to let me make hers and she so enjoyed it.

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