Monday, September 13, 2010

Flowers and Ballet

I love the change in weather and how much time the girls are getting to spend outside. I don't have to worry about fingers getting cold and they are having such a great time. A disappointment today was that Rachel did not get to go horse riding (our friends where not home to visit this afternoon before her extra Ballet). This was also her last extra Ballet class on Monday's for this year as the group will start with their concert work next week. Rachel will be doing 2 concert dances with the girls she did exams with this year as well as a solo. So she will still be getting some extra lessons as she learns her solo piece. We will go a little early, before Ruth's class starts on Tuesday, so that she can get to work on that. The teacher is sure Rachel won't even need to have the extra lesson every week because Rachel picks things up so quickly. The teacher has also said that she things Rachel fits the Monday group better - so we have to look at her moving to that group permanently next year. I won't think about that now though - we will just get through the rest of the year and deal with that when we get there.

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