Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful mornings

How refreshing to wake up early in the morning after a good night's rest. You get to enjoy these magnificent sunrises as well as get bible reading time when the house is wonderfully quiet. What a good start to my day and my week.
Ruth is learning Psalm 23 and today she did verse 5. On the first day I spent time talking to her about what the verse means. I try to act out as much as possible so today we did "you prepare a table before me" so I got a table and prepared it for her with dishes of wonderful food (toy dishes and pretend food). "In the presence of your enemies" - I told her about how roll call is done and so I pretended to be the teacher and called out the girls names and they in turn said "present". We chatted more about what the verse meant. "You anoint my head with oil" - a good time to spray Ruth's hair with oil (something I forget to do and need to do more often with her dry hair) and explained about how the Kings were anointed with oil. "My cup overflows" - our photo - filling a cup to overflowing - talking about God's goodness to us that is just fills our lives to overflowing. Once she has done verse 6 I will post a video of her saying the whole Psalm. She is doing really well with it.
Rachel always has reading time once the younger girls go to bed and Tiger had tried to follow her into her room this evening. So I let him cuddle with her while she read. I think they both really enjoyed it. We generally have to keep the cats out of the bedroom area at night because Smokey bothers the girls (she rubs up to your face) but I think Tiger's visits may be more regular now.

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