Monday, August 30, 2010

What a day

In the simple act of brushing my hair this morning the day had a drastic change to what I had planned. In that small movement of tilting my head I managed to put my neck out. I spent the next 4 hours on my back on the lounge floor. Rachel brought me things to eat so that I could take anti-inflammatory and then a bit later some pain killers. Nothing seemed to be working so I made an appointment with the physio for just before lunch. Brendon took a bit of time off work to get me to the appointment (at this point I could stand and walk without pain but could not turn my head at all). I walked out of the physio very depressed though as I felt it had not helped at all. So Brendon suggested I try get an appointment with the chiropractor in town. I got an appointment for 4:30, so Brendon left work a bit early and we headed into town. The last thing I wanted to have to do after a trip in yesterday. But I was in so much pain it was the only option - the thought of trying to have a nights sleep with that pain was horrible. By lunch time the tablets had started to wear of and it became painful to just hold my head up. So although I still had tight muscles after seeing the chiropractor - I had more movement and knew the recovery would be able to start.
The children were pleased to have Burger King for dinner and the traveling home was peaceful as we have Ruth's portable DVD player set up for them to watch. Hannah has been the one who is hard to deal with in the car on long trips but she is finally old enough to be interested in some movies - so the traveling is a lot easier now. We only got home after 7:30 though - so they headed straight to bed. My amazing husband then cleaned up the kitchen. What a day it has been. I spent the trip home with a packet of frozen peas on my neck and I feel confident that now that the bones are in place again I can slowly get these muscles to relax.

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