Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mosaics and waffles

The girls finished up their mosaics yesterday. We plan to laminate them and give them to Julia as a set of place mats for her and Brian. Rachel did an excellent job as she had to draw her picture on her own too. She kept saying"I can't do it" in the hope that I would do it for her. But I kept encouraging her to try and she did such a good job.
Instead of making pancakes again (she made pancakes last Sunday afternoon) Rachel wanted to try her hand at waffles. It's been that long since I made them last that Rachel said "oh - so that's how you make the shape". She is really good at separating eggs.

She was however a bit nervous about getting the waffles off but was thrilled to have given it a try. She has decided that pancakes are much easier to make (the mixture is simpler) and much easier to cook.

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