Sunday, August 22, 2010

Festival of lights

One of the local churches organized a "Festival of Lights" this evening. When we arrived Rachel got busy cutting out a pumpkin.

Before it got dark though they had some fires outside for marshmallows. It was only today that I realized that it's a very common thing for a South African to roast marshmallows on the coals after a braai. Most of the barbeque's that are done in NZ are with gas - so no coals.
It was not too cold outside (especially if you were close to the fire) but we don't take chances with Ruth and always keep her hands and head warm.

Then it was dark enough to enjoy the candle light and think of Christ who is the Light of the World.

Then some instruments were handed around and we sang a couple of songs followed by a finger food dinner (everyone brought a plate).
Then it was games time.

It was great that there were a number of children Rachel's age and so she was kept busy.

Hannah found the carrot sticks and then the slices of apple. There was a bowl with yogurt for dipping and as she kept wanting more the ladies found another bowl for her to have her own.

It was a lovely evening.

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