Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dry but tired

For the last week or so Ruth has been earning 10c for being dry at night. Last night she decided to not even bother with the nappy and is so pleased to finally be out of nappies. She puts her money in her piggy bank each morning and enjoys buying lollies at the local shop with her earnings.
The only problem with this photo is that she has only just gotten up (see the lovely ballet slipper pajamas) and it's already 9am. This seems to be the regular time to get up lately even though she is in bed by 7:30pm. We think her iron levels have dropped again even though we are eating far more red meat. Will have to get some more chicken liver pate made up for her.
And now that her big puzzle is complete she has gone back to building the puzzles from the library. Hannah helped by passing her pieces.
I love how Ruth's love for puzzles is contagious. Hannah is getting so much better at her puzzle building.

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