Monday, June 14, 2010

Strike a pose

Yesterday Ruth and I headed into town to get her extensions put in. I forgot to take photos when we got home so I took some today.
Here she is striking a pose with her hair tied up behind.
She is very happy with it. She wanted to have extensions for her birthday so she had the motivation herself to sit through the 3 hours it took to get it done. Not to mention the hours (well over 7) that I put in getting the hair ready over the last week.
I asked that she put some corn rows on the top so that she does not have hair falling in her face. I think it looks really pretty.
She loves having long hair again. :-)
Hannah got her hair cut on Saturday morning and wanted to pose too. I had actually tried to trim her fringe and made a mess, so Lynn sorted it out a bit and cut off all the thin baby hair. So it was her first real haircut.
She is our little Maria now (from Sound of Music).

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Your girls (all three) are so lovely!