Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Ballet Student

Yesterday Hannah had not been her normal happy self and at Rachel's ballet lesson she had a sore tummy. This morning Ruth woke up late and had a terribly sore tummy. She ate some breakfast and then lay on the couch till she felt better.
Hannah kept her company. Thankfully Hannah seems fine today. I was hoping Ruth's sore tummy would pass just as quickly which it did.
For lunch I made poached eggs for the first time ever. I still have to work on getting the yolk softer but I think this will be much easier to achieve than with soft boiled eggs. The girls really enjoyed them.
I finally got around to finishing up Ruth's skirt today. She loved helping me with the sewing. She took all the pins out on her own which she was excited to tell Dad about.
Ruth then took her first photo. OK - this was about the 6th one she took as she slowly adjusted so that my head was not chopped off.
The skirts all done. Almost - they were so excited about wearing them - I still have a little bit of fraying to do on Ruth's hem.
I finally got to ask Rachel's ballet teacher about the possibility of Ruth starting next year. I knew she took 5 year old girls last year but Ruth will only be 4 1/2 at the beginning of next year. Unfortunately she does not plan to start any new groups. There is also no more time on Tuesdays as she is already teaching the whole afternoon she is here. She has got new 6 year old joining the current 6 year old group next term. So I started wondering if Ruth would be able to do the work this group just did for exams. I have Rachel's primary exam music and so Ruth had her first lesson with Rachel this afternoon. I was amazed how quickly she started picking things up. This is after just one lesson and she is doing it totally on her own. Yes, she goes left first instead of right. I have helped her to correct that. It was because Rachel always goes right first and forgot to be a mirror as the teacher.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Those skirts are absolutely lovely!! Very well done Belinda and the girls - good job.