Monday, June 21, 2010

Good friends need time apart

Ruth and Hannah play so nicely together.

Ruth enjoying pony tales today.

Ruth got these animals through the Correspondence School but they were getting a little flattened by her little sister. So we spent some time this afternoon putting some bases in the bottom so they they stay up better. Ruth is always thrilled to do things on her own. She controlled the glue very well too.
Last week was a hard week for me as Hannah just would not nap in the afternoon. It was great chatting to a friend about it over the weekend and getting the encouragement I needed to insist on room time for Hannah every day even if she does not need to sleep. So I was ready today with a high goal (2 hours playing in her room quietly) but lower expectations (expecting that I may have to repeatedly speak to her and realizing that the training process may take quite a while).
The Lord was so good and it went really well today. There was no crying and I think it helped her to know that she was not expected to sleep but that she needed to just play on her own. She had books and toys and even had the dustbin up on her bed. At one point she was really quite and so I had a quick peep. She was sitting on Ruth's bed with the blanket over her like a tent. I was wondering what she was up to and so checked. She had gotten into Rachel's room and was unpacking her little bag from church with a note book and pen. So I took those away, told her to stay off Ruth's bed and the rest of the time went well. I checked in on her 15 min before her time was up and she was lying quietly on her bed talking to her teddies. At 3 when her 2 hours were up I went and found her fast asleep.
So we had a really good first day and I won't expect all the days to be as easy. I know there will be harder days as she tests the rules and checks to make sure that what I say is not going to change. And I will also be positive about her strong character and persistence (rather than thinking of her as being stubborn and difficult).
PS: A week later I can say that there have been harder days but we are getting there. Most days she does not sleep but the time out for all of us is good.

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