Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boxes, bed and WHY?

We collected a load of boxes after church this morning and Rachel was excited about making a tall seat out of them all. You can also see we will keep the boxes from blowing away with old tires.
Hannah's latest request is to have her train in bed with her. She normally spends the first while quietly playing with it and then when Ruth comes to bed she turns it off.
Over the last week it has become clear to me that Hannah has entered the "why?" stage. It has come so suddenly and so strongly it makes me laugh. I never knew you could ask "why?" for so many things. Ruth seems to have missed this phase and so it really has come as a surprise. Often her "why?" is when I tell her to do something. It was so funny to have her ask "why?" at one of these times and as I looked over at her she said "yes mommy" and did as I had asked. I was very thankful to see that she is at least realizing that "yes mommy" is the correct response and not "why?" on these occasions.
You are a real sweety Hannah - but training you is a lot of work. :-)

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