Monday, April 19, 2010

Leaves and notes

The girls enjoyed collecting different coloured leaves this morning as we start our Autumn crafts. Most of the leaves we got into the flower press but we kept a few out to do some leaf rubbings.
Once Rachel figured out how to do it she did really well. The first picture is her creation. Very pretty.
I helped Ruth do this one with the Autumn colours we have been looking at today.
Rachel and I were busy with something and when we looked over this is what we spotted. It was so funny. I grabbed my old camera to catch the shot but it was not the nicest photo. It was so funny though - so I am glad I got something.

Ruth has been listening to more and more of her recorder CD and has picked up this on her own. At the beginning I would sit and point to the notes and show her the rest (where you don't play) ect. But eventually I realized she was just playing by ear. She could play the first 11 songs without even looking at the book - she knew them off by heart. The first 6 just playing the B note and the next 5 just playing the A note. I have let her just carry on independently and I heard her playing this the other day. Her first song playing two notes in the same song. I realize this may not sound like a big achievement but as she is only 3 1/2 years old and her fingers are so tiny still, I am impressed and very proud.
The evenings are getting colder but the girls enjoy playing outside so they have enjoyed getting their winter things out.
While the younger two were in the bath I did some card making with Rachel. I cut the paper for her but she does all the stamping and sticking. For now it's about giving her ideas of what she can do. I hope eventually she will start getting some of her own ideas. She is having fun though - and that's what counts.

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