Tuesday, March 2, 2010

North Island Day 4

As soon as the girls were awake this morning they were together chatting. While they were up here Caitlin helped Ruth make a necklace. I am glad Ruth has been able to fit in with the older girls and that they have not left her out.
Ian has been making such an effort to make friends with Hannah. She was really intimidated by him (as most small children are at first).
He is really good with children though and so it was great to eventually see her getting closer and playing with the blocks with him.
There was a big pile of wood that needed stacking and so it did not take Brendon long to get the boys outside with him to get it done. Within 2 hours they had it all stacked and covered.
When Trevor came home they all headed out to do some shooting.
Rachel did really well and hit one of the circles. It was impressive enough that she hit the target.
I had gone out to get a photo shoot but ended up doing some other shooting too. I first tried the gun that Rachel used and could not even hit the target. Then they gave me this nice one with a scope. Twice I managed to hit the white stripe on the bird.
Brendon trying to shoot left handed. He uses his left eye so it makes more sense to do it this way. You can see so clearly he knows how to hold it though. Rachel and I did not do too badly for our first go though (even though we may look funny doing it).
All the girls in the bath.
We have again had such a lovely visit with the Morrison family. Who would have thought when we left Scottburgh (Natal coast in South Africa) 6 years ago that we would end up seeing you again in New Zealand. Thank you Lord for the blessing of friends.

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