Sunday, March 21, 2010

North Island Day 23

Absolutely stunning scenery on our way home today. God's creation is just so spectacular.
We had 240km to travel today which takes over 3 hours. It was lovely that we did not have to rush home last night but could take a slow drive down the coast and enjoy a lovely morning together.
Just before Kaikoura there is a wonderful seal spotting area which we have been looking forward to stopping at. And we were not disappointed.

It was lovely for the girls to see how difficult it is for them to move on land.
We found this little platform to go stand on.
Wonderful to be so close.

But far enough away to be safe when these two started fighting. Again special that the girls could hear the noise that they make.
We hopped in the car and a few hundred meters further saw another parking area and found the proper viewing site. Information and safety warnings included.
It was lovely to see all the mothers and pups in this area.

The highlight must have been this baby pool. It was lovely watching them playing around.

One little one tried to following mum but decided that big water was not worth the risk just yet.
This was an amazing experience. To see so many seals in the wild and so close to us. Thank You Lord for Your wonderful creation and the enjoyment we have had from it over the last 3 weeks.

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