Sunday, March 14, 2010

North Island Day 16

The Collettes took us for fish and chips at a different beach for lunch today. It was a lovely meal and it was also lovely to see that even though Ashley is already a teenager - she is not too old to climb a tree with Rachel. We all had a great visit with them.
Some sea gulls hanging around for any leftovers.
Then we headed up to Waipu - 110km up the coast. Before we left this morning we had already done 1,800km. We have been on holiday for 2 weeks and have another week to go. :-)
I include this map for those who immediately ask "how far North did you get?" So no - we did not get as far as Whangarei. But I think we have gotten to see a lot more of the North Island than many New Zealands have.
We spent two nights in this Christian Retreat. What a blessing that this home has been made available for people to use - for FREE. It was like a little holiday within our holiday - just the family.
The retreat is not on the beach but the view from the house was beautiful.
After we had unpacked we headed down to the beach for a picnic tea. Again we were blessed with a wonderfully clear and warm day.
Nothing like loads of time at the sea to make wonderful memories for the children.
So picturesque. It was just stunning.
I showed the girls how I used to decorate my sandcastles with wet sand dripped onto the top. We also collected shells from each beach we visited and each ones had their own special ones.
Lovely to just have time to
let the children play.
Thankfully the girls were really good about taking turns on the swings. They all had loads of fun on the climbing walls and slide.

Then we watched a few of the fishing boats returning.
They were having a bit of a hard time with this one so Dad ran down to give them a hand.
We have had such an amazing day.

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