Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bronze Medallion

The sky was incredibly beautiful when I left on Saturday morning at 7am. I headed into town for a two day training course to earn a Life Saving Bronze Medallion. The programme was from 9-3 on both Saturday and Sunday and I was exhausted when I headed home on Sunday afternoon.
We spent almost the entire time in the pool on Saturday and I chose to do my timed swim at the end of the day. We had to do 400m (100m each of freestyle, side stroke, backstroke and then any front stroke - I did breaststroke) in less than 13min. I did mine in 8min 45s which I was pleased with because after the first 4 lengths I realized how much swimming we had actually done through the day and I was exhausted.
On Sunday we spent the morning doing a lot of theory work which was in itself very tiring too. Then we had a bit of practice time before the assessor arrived. The scenario that he set up for me was two people in the water - one with a injured leg and the other had hit her head. They acted their parts very well but because the lady with the injured leg could not kick I had to tow her in as well as her friend who was so out of it that she could not even hold onto the kick board on her own. So I towed two ladies almost 20 m and there was no kicking to help. After two days of intensive training it was hard going. But we got there.
I learnt so much and am very thankful that I could attend the training. At least if there are any water related activities for our Brownies and Guides to attend I can accompany them and have the legal requirements of having a qualified Life Saver with.

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Jacqui Cunningham said...

Well done Belinda! That's fantastic! It will be so good to have that qualification, and now you'll feel so much more aware and prepared, incase anything was ever to happen while your girls are swimming.