Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Water fun

The days are starting off very misty and cold but by lunch time we are all hot and looking forward to a swim in the afternoon with Dad. Today Rachel found she can swim without the cap and has no problem with her ears going under the water. I am so glad for her. She has so much fun in the water now.

Hannah loves jumping to Dad.

Look at how far Ruth can jump.
We are so thankful for these lovely summer days and the family time we get to have every afternoon.
Ruth got started on this "toy" this evening and did really well. She is registered with the Correspondence school this year and I got a call from one of her teachers today. We will post lots of pictures on Ruth's blog for the teacher to see what she has been up to.
I have been doing a lot of phoning today. I spent an hour this evening phoning around to organize a last minute fund raising opportunity we just received for Guide for this Saturday. With the new position I have as district coordinator I need to travel into town once a month for a meeting. When I worked out the traveling cost after my first meeting I could not help wondering how the unit in this district will be able to have enough money to pay for that extra expense. It will end up being around $400 for the year and finances are tight in such a small area. This was why I was so blown away by God's goodness if providing this opportunity for us to raise some extra money. All we have to do is host a morning tea for 35 people and we will be guaranteed $400. God is so good. He has even provided for a tiny concern I had for the Guides.

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