Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick leave received

Brendon gave me my sick leave today and I was so very thankful. I only got up at 9am and spent the more time in bed before lunch. Brendon had the younger girls outside with him most of the morning. I am glad the weather was so nice.
After lunch we headed out to get some veggies picked. The zucchini have done really well. No "baby" marrows here.
We ended up using only the big yellow one and the green one. The poor green one looks so small there but it was a really big one itself too. Rachel chopped the veggies up this afternoon (while I slept for a few hours). She so enjoys helping in the kitchen and I was very thankful for her help today.
While I was out I thought I would take a couple of photos of the chooks in their new area. They get a lot of visitors now....
as the kittens enjoy coming in here too.
I was interested to see if Smokey (on the left there) was actually going to try catch a bird but they seem to be happy that these birds are NOT for food.
Rachel has spent a lot of time today making more thank you cards to go with the Guide Biscuits. She has had so much fun and has made almost 20 extra cards. Good job Rachel.
Brendon had cut up a whole lot of pork meat last night - so it had to get cooked today. Rachel had done all the work with the veggies so I just finished it all off. A real team effort produced 8 Sweet and Sour Pork meals - one of which was enjoyed for dinner. Thanks Fiona for the recipe - and please note my new containers. :-)

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