Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eventually the younger two were exhausted, so by 4pm we were on the road. This section of coast is so very beautiful. The road goes right along the coast and again I just sat in awe at God's amazing creation. What a stunning day too to enjoy all the amazing colours.
We only had 105km to travel this afternoon up to Seddon which took around an hour.
Rachel and I did spot a couple of seals but because the little two needed their sleep we did not stop. We hope to stop on our way home and get a better look.
From around 6:30 to 7pm we were at the pool with the family we were staying with. The water was WAY too cold for Brendon and I to even bother but the girls all enjoyed it.
I was so thankful the little two got to go in.
Donna really enjoyed Ruth and Ruth relaxed so quickly with her that very soon Ruth had everyone laughing. Always a clear indicator that Ruth is happy and relaxed - when she is making other people happy.
Danielle took Ruth down the slide but Ruth got a bit of a fright with the big splash landing so did not want to try it again.
Hannah decided it looked like fun though and because she is so light she did not even get off the end on her own.
Hannah made sure she got enough time on the tube too.
Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day.

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"The Theaart's" said...

Beautiful, looks like you had lots of fun!