Friday, January 15, 2010

Trees and Tottles

Smoky and Tiger went chasing birds this morning and climbed really high up this tree. I have put a red circle on the photo to show you were Tiger got up to. They had Rachel really nervous. But they got down fine on their own - without any birds though.
Ruth was inspired rather than nervous - so up she went.
Hannah has been enjoying Marmite on her bread for lunch lately. I laughed so much today as she insisted on cleaning her hands after every bite. Little did she know the mess that was on her face. And that comes from trying to bite the Marmite off the bread. :-)

Right at the start here you will hear her say what she always says at bed time - "tottle, bed". So we have been trying to teach her to say "bottle" and we so we now have "Bo-tottle" and it gets us all in stitches. You are such a cutie.

So now that I have had a go at making a cover out of the cheaper material (and it worked out ok) I started on the nicer material for the single chair. This chair desperately needs a cover because it's Brendon and Rachel's favorite. They both spend a good time in it every morning doing their reading (Brendon at 4:30 and Rachel at 6:30). So although I did not get it finished today, there are at least proper pieces on it for now that do not move around. I am finding it quite tiring (perhaps just mentally draining having to work out what to do) and so I will just do a little every day and soon they will be done.

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