Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Summer clean?

When I got up at 6 this morning the house was filled with this amazing pink glow. The sun rises have been so beautiful. I am glad I am getting up early again and also that the sun is starting to come up a bit later so that I can get to enjoy it. It's way to early in December to enjoy it - although Brendon is up all year round with the sun. His work starting time change with the sun so that they can start as soon as it is light.
It's not Spring - so perhaps it was a Summer cleaning bug that bit. I finally got to sort out our spare room cupboard (guests coming next week probably helped a lot to motivate me). So that also included getting all the winter bedding packed away in the girls room and sorting out the top of their cupboard. It had actually been empty up till now (everything was in the spare room). So all their bedding is now in their room. The official laundry cupboard in the passage is used as a bulk food storage cupboard (for those who were wondering).
Rachel having fun changing her duvet cover. Climbing right inside to get it to the corners. :-)
I also finally got started on making covers for our lounge furniture. I had bought the pieces of material in December but was often frustrated with them slipping around. So it was time to cut and sew so that they fit properly.
While we chatted to Brendon's parents this evening Ruth and Hannah played with the peg boards. They had so much fun. I am so glad I am finally making use of all the wonderful toys we have.

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Mary said...

LOVE that Rachel climbed right into the duvet! :)