Saturday, January 23, 2010

Part 2 - New Chook area

We had a productive day out here today and have all the fencing attached to the new area. Brendon also removed all the lower branches of the tree and cleaned out the trough (see red circle - this is only half of it - it's nice and long). I think the chooks are going to love all this space. I am so impressed at how nice twists look in Ruth's hair. Instead of making three sections to braid, you take 2 sections and just twist them around. It looks really pretty and I can see that if we did smaller ones it would be a lovely style just on it's own.
I have started slowly working through it all, combing section by section out. It can take an hour to do less than a quarter of her head. So I am glad I have a week to get it all done. The twists will keep the hair from getting knots in and they also help to stretch the hair out (making the curls less tight). So hopefully I am doing it well enough so that Natu can work with it easily on Saturday.

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