Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pack and play

The cows have been moved to the field next to the house which the girls really enjoy.
When Dad put the sprinkler on the vegetable garden the girls enjoyed running through it for a while. We were too tiered to head down to the pool today - so at least they got to cool off a bit.
Ruth enjoys having her hair loose. This has been a game on a couple of occasion when Ruth and Hannah still have food from dinner to eat. They take turns driving around the room with the "car" and have to keep coming back for petrol (their food). Only when they have petrol in their mouth can they drive.
The change today was that Ruth had to open the petrol cap every time (move the hair to the side). They had a fun time and the food got eaten. :-)
It's lovely when packing up can get hidden in a game. Ruth really enjoyed counting each shape in each colour and neatly packing them into the container.
She was also very excited about the new game I pulled out this evening. I think it will be way too hard for her to do on her own for some time yet - but it's great for Rachel to do and Ruth is learning about the shapes and what can be done with them.

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