Friday, January 29, 2010

Last day of Swim week

The girls have been enjoying eating their Ricies with yogurt this week. It does help them stick together. :-)
Last day of swim week today. Ruth wearing her new costume from the Phillipses. Ruth has done really well this week. To check out all her photos have a look at her new blog.
Pool temperature this morning was up to 24C which was great for the girls.
Rachel has done so incredibly well. There she is in the deep end having just swum the whole length doing backstroke. She swam back using freestyle. Well done Rachel. To check out her amazing progress through the week (and all her photos) have a look at her blog.
I saw that Olivia was out her pram so I asked if I could put Hannah in for as long as she would sit. She thought it was fun so sat eating chips there for a little while which allowed me to take photos easily. She has been really good this week in watching and not getting to swim herself which I am very thankful for.
Hannah and Olivia. Only 6 weeks apart. In two years time they will probably be doing swim week together.

We got down to the pool again as a family this afternoon. The temperature was up to 28C.
Ruth showing Dad how she puts her head under. My apologies for the loud YAY!!!! at the end from Mum. It just popped out naturally. She has done so well.

And Hannah is doing well watching her sisters too. Just before this they all sang together and Hannah got her face in even more than on this video. So I am glad she is already getting used to the idea.
There have been ewe sales in Hawarden today and it was nice to finally see this area being used. We have never seen so many trucks and sheep in one spot before.
This is the photo I took after swimming lessons this morning. There were so many people.
Playing around outside before bed. Ruth said I must get the camera and take a photo of Dad swinging her upside down.
Ruth loves jumping and now jumps off the 3rd step.
Dad also spent a lot of time playing Netball with Rachel. My arm is still too sore to play.

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