Saturday, January 9, 2010

Farm life

The girls enjoyed feeding the cows some grass this morning. It's really great to have them so close to the house. I took this photo from our property.
We are still moving all the long grass that was cut by the tractor a while back. Here the girls are enjoying a "hay ride" but they were pretending it was a bus. When Brendon said "the bus is leaving" they would have to run to get on otherwise the bus left without them. They had such a lovely time (and we got quite a bit done in the garden).
The following photo and entry are not for those who are squeamish.

I had to pop out this morning and saw this hare on the road. I decided to bring it back for the kittens. Their mother had been feeding them rabbits so this was not a first for them. Where town people put bells on their cats to stop them hunting, on a farm we encourage our cats to hunt. One of the great things about having cats is that they control the rabbit and mice population.
It really is great for the girls to be growing up on a farm. Things like this are just a part of life.
Hannah borrowed Rachel's recorder this evening and they played a bit together. I just love the way Ruth wants her book up. And when I opened it for her she said - "no, not that page, one with music."
It looks like a recorder will be a good birthday present for Hannah.

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