Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cats and Guides

This is Tiger's morning routine. When Rachel opens the door he will wait for a wipe (and even talk to her to get it - unfortunately his meow is not audible on the video) and only when she has said hello to him will he run off to get some food. It's so very cute. He does it every day.

" Killing two birds with one stone."
The books in the library have not been sorted since we moved in 6 months ago. We had a lot of helpers with the move and because the boxes were needed again the books where quickly unpacked and since then just left. Rachel has also been struggling a bit with looking up words in the dictionary as she does not know her alphabet order very well. So she has fun (yes she says it's great fun as she slides along the floor) sorting the books alphabetically according to authors. We have Ruth's alphabet floor puzzle out to help her.
The kittens continue to bring us all much joy.
Ruth is doing well with her swimming lessons. Getter to blow her bubbles so nicely. The pool was up to 20C today. So at least a slight improvement.
Rachel is still struggling to get under. She wants to so badly but just can not get herself to go down enough. Thankfully they spend time teaching her other things and only spend a little bit of time at the end encouraging her to get under and overcome that fear. The teachers are so patient and just keep encouraging her. I had my first Guiding meeting this evening in town. My first time in my uniform. It went well and I am sure I will soon get used to the monthly trip to town.

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