Sunday, January 17, 2010

Books and braids

This is Dad and Rachel's favorite chair. I am glad I finally have the cover started. Rachel normally gets up earlier than the younger two, reads her Bible and then spends some time reading other books. We have had to limit her book reading (can you believe that!) and so this is the only time she is allowed. Otherwise she has her nose in a book the whole day.
Also notice the jersey. Her gown had been confiscated because she had left it lying around. We had gotten frustrated with her leaving clothes around the house and so a friend has told me how her mother would confiscate any clothing that was lying around. She did notice her gown was missing from yesterday - so she will get it back tomorrow. But there are other items she has not even missed yet - so I have quite a pile of clothes under my bed already.
Hannah and Ruth just love reading their bibles.
It was a really cold day today. Brendon even lit a fire when we got home from church.
Smoky is such an affectionate cat - here he is playing with Hannah.
Finally we got to do Ruth's hair again but it was a very stressful session. I have decided to try and get to see a hairdresser in town for some advice and possibly to get a style done at some point.
We have also gotten advice from others to get Ruth to wear a stocking when she sleeps. This will help protect the style and stop extra knots from forming.
I also need to get some extra products for her hair. I have watched a couple of video's on You Tube (in desperation and needing help) and realize there are some things that will help a lot. So we will see the hairdresser on Tuesday afternoon and take it from there. I am feeling positive that we will finally get the help we need and that it will go better from now. It's going to be a lot of work but I am sure within a couple of months things will be much easier.

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Debbie said...

Finally I get to read some blogs again. Haven't been up to date for awhile. I think it quite funny re. confiscating our little bookworm's clothes. She'll realise sooner or later what's cooking, especially when she has nothing left to wear!!! Hee hee hee