Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Apples, olives and obstacle

The girls enjoying the traditional apple after their swim. Ruth was amazing today - she went right under the water a few times. It was all the motivation Rachel needed to start getting her head under and they are both looking forward to their swimming lessons later this month.
I hurt my neck this morning (just turned and felt instant pain) and the muscle spasm in my neck and shoulders just increased as the day went on. It was hard to not be a part of the fun at the pool as normal.
Salad for starters as we waited for the fish and chips to be ready (and easy meal today with my sore muscles). Ruth and I enjoyed more olives today. She ate all 7 of hers before she even started on the rest of her salad. I am glad to have at least one person in the family to enjoy them with. We were given a nice big jar that a friend had made and Ruth will often ask if we can have some more.
Friends collected this new "Cat Tree" from town for us. I bought it on Trade Me for a real bargain but was amazed at how big it was. It's nice for the cats to have a new obstacle to climb over and Rachel is so looking forward to seeing one of them in the hammock.
Brendon gave me a good rub with arnica while the girls had their bath but it is not feeling good (with a headache starting from the muscle tension too). I have kept hoping that it will improve on it's own but it is looking unlikely. I plan to phone for an appointment with the physiotherapist in the morning and with the way it is feeling I may even have to get in to see the chiropractor in town.
Anti-inflammatory and early to bed for me today.

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