Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mary and Anne

I got to test out my home made fondant and my new fondant molds. Ruth was very impressed with her "c" cupcakes. Now I have to think of an excuse to make a cake so I can use the rest of the fondant. :-)
It's been over 12 weeks since I did Ruth's hair - so I am really glad the extra time spent was worth it. She complained of her head being itchy today and asked for new plates / braids. So I said I would start by taking the elastics off the current plates. I snipped the bottom off (with a little of the hair) as it made it much easier to remove.
It's that time of year to enjoy the fresh cherries. Amazing that at Christmas 2 years ago Rachel was offered some for the first time and was not really interested in trying them. She did though and loves them. No problem with the other two - they will try anything.
My adaptor and cable arrived in the post today so I got the new TV set up with our SA Video/DVD machine and the girls got to test it out.....
by watching Mary Poppins.
So we may have some new songs sung around the house now. :-)
Rachel has read 30 books this month and has now started Anne of Green Gables. At least this one will keep her busy for a couple of days.
Bible stories with kids and kittens.

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