Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buckland Kittens

We stopped by the Love's this morning to pick some things up and Hannah needed to go to the toilet. While we were inside we got to meet the kittens that we had been told about weeks ago. Brendon and I had discussed the idea of getting kittens but thought we would wait till after our March trip - perhaps for Rachel's birthday.

But when the Love family said they just leave their cats outside and that these kittens are already sleeping outside - it became something we could look at sooner.
So on our way home from church we bought some cat food and picked up the cats. They moved between Hannah's lap and the box I had on my lap next to her in case they got stressed. They were totally fine though and Hannah so enjoyed them. On the second photo you can see how the fur was tickling her leg and so she ended up giving quite a bit of her car chair to the cat.
Kittens and girls learning where the food and water will be (and who is allowed to touch it).
Meet Smoky and Tiger.
Getting a nice cuddle while we wait for Rachel to get home.

I met Rachel outside, told her to put her bags down and said she must go inside and look for her Christmas present.

She was crying with happiness.
They all had a very speedy bath this evening so that they could get back to their kittens.

Having a laugh at how their ears react to the slightest touch.

Ruth was a bit nervous with the cat on her lap but once I put my jersey down she was more than happy. After the first photo I asked her if she was happy and so she gave me a "happy face". :D
I think this is the best Christmas present Rachel has ever gotten and she will remember it for a very long time.

Hannah having a good look at the cats little box house (and just checking if she would fit inside).

Then having a look at Tiger's beautiful soft pads as he sleeps so quietly on her lap.

There is only so much time that Hannah can sit still. So soon she had the blanket and she was putting Tiger to bed.
Eventually both sleeping on Rachel's lap. Rachel kept saying "it's like a dream". She is so happy.

Dad caught some before bed tickle time with Mum on video.

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