Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sports and Ballet

Rachel participated in the sports day at the Amberley school this morning. There she is in pink looking a little shy. But once the first game had started she relaxed and she had a lovely time.
There are quite a few schools represented on the day and it's great that "home schoolers" are included too.
Hannah and Ruth got to enjoy the school's playground.
Slides are a favorite.
We got to watch Rachel on a couple of the activities. She did really well with the soccer one. She kicked it from there and got it in the goals first time (most of the children missed on their first try).
The parachute game is always a fun one. Rachel was glad she got a turn at this "cat and mouse" game. She was the cat (on top) and managed to catch the mouse (who was underneath).
It was a hot day today and so I was very thankful for the new blinds the owners had made for the kitchen window. Now there is no excuse for not getting that kitchen sorted after lunch. :D
Rachel was very excited at Ballet today to get to try on her costume for the concert. Less than 3 weeks to go now.
Rachel with the lead role in one of their dances.
She also got her potato bucket today. They have a competition at the A&P Show in March to see which child can grow the most potatoes in their bucket. Rachel missed out on this year's show but is excited that she will have a bucket for next March.

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