Thursday, October 1, 2009

First family cycle

Ruth and Hannah practicing carrying things on trays. Actually just having a fun time with the tea set and interrupted by Mum who wanted to take a photo. :D
It was wonderful to see the sun today, so that inspired the addition of a sun to our craft page this week and when you have sun and rain a rainbow is a possibility. So here the girls are adding their rainbows.
We all had a lovely time creating these this week.
And again the girls enjoyed watching the tractor today. They are preparing the field for planting.
And I made the most of the sun today and got the grass cut before Brendon got home. A nice surprise for him. It was too wet over the weekend and we have just been watching it get longer and longer. Finally today it was dry enough to cut. The girls also had some time playing in the sand pit again - so I even got them in the bath before Brendon got home.
It was such a wonderful day I suggested we go for a bike ride after dinner (the main reason I popped them in the bath early). We headed out at 6 and had a lovely ride down to the horses that we "met" a few weeks ago. I was really surprised that we all managed the 5 or 6 km round trip really well. Although Rachel and I both had sore legs on the way back. We also crossed over a bridge and Ruth said she wants to go swim there some time. So although it would be way too cold at the moment - we do plan to get down there sometime for a play. Perhaps on a weekend when we have more time.
Once we were back Ruth wanted to do some riding on her own. We had taken her pedals and side wheels off for her to learn to balance first (this was how we taught Rachel to ride without the side wheels) but today we saw that she would benefit more from the practice at pedaling - get those legs nice and strong. It's hard to cycle on gravel roads, so she has our small patio to start on which is easier.
Hannah enjoyed doing some exploring in the garden. This was around 7pm, so not long after this they were in bed. What a beautiful day.

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