Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fingers, fire wood and more fun

The girls were happy to hear they were using their fingers today to paint the stems for our flowers.
Finger / hand painting is so much fun. :D

Last night Nana mentioned a cd we played for her when she visited earlier this year. We have not had it out lately and the girls really enjoyed dancing around to all the songs again today. Ruth seems to get a bit shy when the camera is out (she was dancing so wonderfully earlier). But what I did manage to catch was one of Hannah's dances. It is just so much fun to watch her copying others and trying new things. She has a few different moves and is just such a cutie pie.
Rachel went out with the Mrs Frost again today but was home before the girls woke up and so we could put some extra colour on some of the flowers.
Hannah was not in a wonderful mood after her nap. the top two eye teeth have finally broken the skin, but are not completely out yet. The bottom two are busy pushing through too. So Ruth and I managed to keep her happy with some creative entertainment.Heading out in the rain to meet Dad.

Our wood was almost finished and so we were very thankful that Brendon could get some wood from the farm after work today. The younger two were very keen to help. What a wonderful distraction for Hannah too.

They are predicting snow down to 400m this weekend and today Brendon heard that it might be coming tomorrow already. So he wanted to make sure we had enough wood to keep us warm.

Eventually they were in the trailer passing us pieces.
Job done. Such happy helpers.

Enjoying feeling the rain. They were wet and dirty after all of this so headed straight for the bath.
Ruth took advantage of the cooler weather and not getting outside today and got 10 puzzles made. She wanted to leave them out to show Dad but eventually had to move to a book as she was running out of table space. Six of the puzzles were 24 piece ones.

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