Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Narration breakthrough

Already the days are getting longer and it's no longer 7am but 6am for these beautiful skies.
I don't think I will every get tiered of watching God's artwork in the skies.Rachel's artwork with the play dough this morning (a three layered birthday cake). We definitely have a new routine set in and the girls love their play dough time every morning.
It looks like I have finally found the breakthrough I have needed for Rachel's narration. Over the last 2 years I have tried a number of times to get Rachel into regular narration. The idea is that once you can "tell back" what you have read, you retain the information. So the more you narrate, the better you train your brain to remember what you are reading. It also helps wonderfully with sentence construction and the whole aspect of creative writing.
I had seen a "narration station" on another home schoolers blog and Rachel is so excited about it. So here I am starting with our narration station. (I will give you more info on it once it's finished)
Rachel is so excited about it that she wanted her first "assignment" before the station was even complete. I am hoping this enthusiasm stays.
You can check out her blog for this narration and any other that she gets done (I will post them all there).
A new puzzle book arrived in the post and so Ruth has gotten stuck in.
What I like about this one is that it has the picture on the left to copy (the Fairy tale book does not - so that's a bit tricky) and it also has information about different animals on the left.
It's gotten to a point now that Ruth will say "I'm finished. Take a photo"....
But she knows to only ask for the puzzles she finishes for the first time.

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Fiona Macneil said...

Have you planted zucchini before? I was amazed at how big the plant grew, it destroyed anything that was planted close to it, so it needs a lot of space just for itself.