Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hundreds of thousands

6am. This Sunday day light savings starts so I will be catching the sun rises at 7 again for a while.
What beautiful colours.
The Zucchini seeds are doing well. It's great that they are all at different stages as I could show Ruth so nicely what happens. After taking this photo I allowed Ruth and Hannah to gently pull the seed covers off the plants. Poor Hannah was so quick she pulled the whole plant out. It's back in though and looking fine.
I also got a whole lot more planted. Sweet peas and pansies (to add some flowers to the garden) melon (having a go at fruit) and some more cucumber (only 1 of the first 6 came up).
Ruth got the first of her new book done yesterday
and did the 2nd for sleeping beauty this morning.
After lunch we had some fun decorating some biscuits. Rachel missed out on this activity on Saturday - so I thought she could have a go with her sisters today.
All enjoying their creations (even Ruth with salty rice cakes covered in sweetness).

Hannah was not that interested in the biscuit itself - but really enjoyed the icing sugar.
Hannah has not been getting to sleep quickly for her naps this week. Today she asked to sleep on the spare bed. But just like the last 2 days, she spent over an hour playing. Here she is pretending she is driving a car. She did learn very quickly that she can not get off the bed, but eventually just before 2 I moved her into her cot and she got to sleep. The whole week has been like this though, down before 1 but only asleep after 2 (and then sleeps till after 4). This is a problem for tomorrow as we have to leave at 3 for Brownies.
Rachel spent an hour with the horse over the road. She pretended she was horse riding on her way down.
And an hour later the weather had changed totally from that beautiful sunny day and it was dark and rainy outside (even with a bit of hail). Rachel is busy with "The Long Winter" in the Little House on the Prairie series and said it really felt like she was in the story with the house getting dark and the sound of the rain. The big difference though is that she could still be in a short sleeve shirt - in the story they had even run out of wood to heat their home.
We have decided to get 2 DVD's a month (from that company we had the free month from). So the 2nd one for this month (which we will keep for almost a month) is "The Sound of Music" with a lovely sing-a-long feature. The girls watched the movie over the last two days and today watched a couple of the songs. When they just watch a couple of songs I don't bother connecting the portable DVD player to the TV - so they watch on the portable. We are so thankful Ruth won this as some of the DVDs are NZ region and won't play on our DVD player. Ruth has been trying to sing "Doe a deer" for months now - so it was lovely for her to see the movie that it came from. She is also really enjoying hearing the songs over and over again.

And again after dinner Ruth got stuck into the new puzzles. These for Puss-In-Boots.

And then Little Red Riding Hood.

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