Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy but restful day

It was nice for Dad to get to sleep in this morning. The girls woke just after 7 and then came and joined him in bed. And yes, sleeping till 7am is really sleeping in for Brendon.
Ruth pulling funny faces...
A kiss for Dad. Weekend's are so nice for them - they don't get to see him in the morning during the week.
After spending almost the whole day out yesterday I suggested that we just stay home today. I did not want to miss out on having a weekend rest. So after watching a sermon I had downloaded off the Internet we had morning tea out in the sun.
I had bought the needed screws for the bike chair yesterday, so Ruth "helped" Dad get that put on.
While there were busy Hannah touched a stinging nettle and learnt the hard way that they are really painful. And believe me - it really stings.
Showing where her hand is sore.
When the seat was ready off we went for a picnic. Ruth & Hannah really loved the ride.
I think this is becoming our favorite picnic spot - 650m down our drive. And a regular snack that I bring with is a packet of chips and dip (a tin of reduced cream with 1/2 packet tomato soup mixed in - a kiwi favorite which we love).
What an absolutely stunning day.
The girls enjoying some time in the sandpit (photo taken from the study window). They spend ages out here on sunny days.
Quickly getting the front grass cut before the girls have their afternoon nap. Unfortunately we missed cutting last week, so Brendon had to rake up - there was just too much to just leave it.
Rachel helping out a little while we put the little two in bed.
While Brendon was finishing up with the raking he walked over to the bush with the egg and saw the duck was sitting on the eggs. I went over with camera in hand but got too close (I moved a leaf to try get a photo) and she jumped off. But she just stayed here - right next to the nest and a little later got back on. So hopefully we will have little ducklings waddling around at some point.
One of the other things I bought yesterday was some plants. Left to right - lettuce, tomato (I could not resist getting such a bit plant - but it will stay indoors for another week or two) and sugar snap peas. Although I have seeds for all three it was so nice to get a few weeks head start with these.
Brendon and I then got stuck into doing some weeding. In no time at all we had finished the front bed (the one I had been busy with through the week) and so we tackled this bed. A whole wheelbarrow full of weeds from there. But it went rather quickly as we work well as a team (one with the fork and the other pulling out).
While digging we found these little bones. The vertebra on the right is only as big as the top of my thumb.
Enjoying some reading time before the little two wake up.
Ruth and Hannah so love helping bring the wood in. Even Hannah carried big pieces in. We want to do all we can to keep this helpfulness going. :D
Ruth's favorite puzzle building time is after dinner. This evening she flew through all three of these.
This really was such a lovely day. Wonderful time with my family, getting loads done around the house and just getting to the end of the day and feeling so refreshed.

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