Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Another beautiful start to the day.
Ruth playing with one of the babies before church. She sat and played with him for ages.
After church we had a picnic lunch at the park in Amberley. Amberley is 40km from home. And yes - that makes 3 picnics in a row. :D
Rachel is getting very brave. This was higher than she initially thought, but kept going.

Rachel on the HUGE slide. And the little two enjoying the little one.

Hannah had fun on the see-saw...
but once she got tiered we found we had the perfect weight match.
Dad got us going really fast which the girls all loved.
Tickle time before bath.
Wow - Brendon managed to get a number of photos of me today and I did not get one of him....
We had a lovely day.

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