Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just can't get over the colours. Not one is the same and you almost have a different picture every few minutes. What a wonderful Creator God is.
Ruth is really enjoying her puzzles and will just work on her own. She generally has one set up on the dining room table. I thought it was really funny today though as she started building it upside down.....
She also joined Rachel in fetching the mail which she thought was wonderful fun. The drive is 500m long - so it was a 1 km walk for her. It is wonderful fun though as they get to feed some grass to the cows on the way down. They are so friendly and come right up to the fence. And then they pop over the road to visit the horses. They met the owner and he said they are welcome to call in anytime. They are not to go into the paddock on their own, but he told them where they could go and which horse they could feed hay to.

One of the video's the girls have is "Action Bible Songs" and on one song the children do Roly-Polys. So our girls have been practicing. Ruth is getting really good. And she only started this week.

And little copy cat Hannah is trying it out too. Some are straighter than others at this stage... :D

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