Friday, August 14, 2009

Night out

I heard that Hannah was awake and when I cam through this is what I found..... She thinks she is very clever now that she can take her clothes off.... :-)
As I finished putting things away I came through and found her here... She thinks it's really fun to climb up onto Ruth's high chair..... :-) So we really have a little miss independent on our hands.
It had been overcast yesterday and so it was lovely to see the clouds clearing this morning. It was so beautiful to see the clouds on the mountains, with the snow caps peeping through and the blue sky above.
Today was a special day as we had organized for Brendon and I to go into town to watch a movie. When I had mentioned to a friend about how hard it was to ask someone to babysit as it's 2 hours round trip to get to town - and then you have not even done anything. She said she would be more than happy to have the children at her place and that they could just sleep over. So we made a plan for tonight. Brendon even left work early - at 3pm so that we could get in and have something to eat before the movie (which started at 5:40).
So this is taken at 4:30 on our way into town. What a change in weather once we were over the small pass just 20km from home.
We decided to just get something from the food court at the mall. Brendon went for a chicken, ham and feta pasta and I was tempted by this lovely Chinese food. I had a variation of two main dishes served on a variation of rice and noodles. So I chose chicken and veg as well as the black bean steak. I soooooo enjoyed this meal, although it was a bit too much and Brendon helped me out at the end. He was amazed at how soft the chicken was. What a wonderful spoil for me. Probably my favorite food right there.
The movie was unfortunately not as good as we had hoped. But then we headed over to a very popular restaurant for deserts. Although they do have a full menu - their deserts are very well known.
I enjoyed a sticky date pudding and Brendon went for their chocolate platter.
It was lovely to get to spend time on our own. What a spoil this evening was.
We left town just before 10 and it was a slow ride home as the mist over the pass was really thick. It cleared just before Hawarden, so the last 7km were clear - a beautiful starry night above our home. So even though we only got home after 11 - very late for us - we knew we could sleep as long as we wanted the next morning.

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