Friday, August 7, 2009

Our long driveway

Hannah thinks it's the greatest fun to climb onto the tower on her own now. And she gets down safely too.
And she has loved playing with cars. It's so nice that the girls can actually get to so many of their toys now and they have such a nice warm room to play in. Our "new" driveway was ready for use on Sunday. This is the first section... and the second...
and the third. Just in front of Rachel is where it joins the road.
It's 700m long. So we can go for almost a 1 1/2 km walk without leaving the driveway.
On Thursday when we left for Brownies Rachel noticed this tree stump close to the end of the drive. So we headed out for a picnic lunch there today.
Enjoying their lunch.

Listening to the birds.
And then it was time to explore.
They had a great time.
There they are at the bottom of some of the lovely big trees that are around.
I can see them spending hours playing here in the future.
Checking out the next swede we were given. We were also told we could help ourselves to more.
What it looks like inside for those who don't know anything about swede (as I didn't). When you cook it the colour changes to a really dark orange.
The girls having a tickle session with Dad before Rachel heads out to youth group.
Then Ruth decided that climbing on dad's shoulders would be fun. Hannah headed over quite quickly so that she was not left out. Then it was just time to have fun and pull funny faces.

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